And anyone who thinks their e mail is private or

But as he moved onto the next patient and the next, Vander Heide saw the same pattern. He was so alarmed, he said, that he shared the paper online before submitting it to a journal so the information could be used immediately by doctors. The findings caused a stir at many hospitals and influenced some doctors to start giving blood thinners to all covid 19 patients.

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I like the Malkin comparison. I think he be a Malkin, prime Thornton calibre guy (yeah yeah yeah „WhOa wHoA wHoA aReNt wE gEtTiNg a LiTtLe aHeAd oF OuRsElF tHe KiD hAsNt eVeN pLaYeD a GaMe yEt” but I allowed to make a prediction no?) . Stutzle will be a really good player too I sure but I think a lot of people are looking at Draisaitl and penciling Stutzle in as that already just because they from the same country I guess? IDK.

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