It appeared that Betts’s glove closed too soon

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Cheap Jerseys from china Wednesday’s Game 4 between the Houston Astros and visiting Boston Red Sox quickly became embroiled in controversy when a potential first inning home run by Houston’s Jose Altuve was turned into an out after umpires ruled that fans had interfered with the attempt by Boston’s Mookie Betts to catch the ball. One of the fans strongly denied during the game that he had committed interference, claiming that he never reached over the wall into the field of play. It appeared that Betts’s glove closed too soon, possibly after being contacted by a fan, and the ball bounced off it and a fan’s hand, then back onto the field of play.. Cheap Jerseys from china

Friday’s incident was not the first drone caused delay to happen in an MLB game this season. Earlier this week, a game between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays was briefly delayed at Yankee Stadium because of a similar situation. Drone related disruptions occurred during August games in Minnesota and Boston as well..

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Cheap Jerseys china Heard somebody say we needed to start worrying about losing games so we can get a higher draft pick, somebody that gets paid a lot of money. And that fine. People are wrong sometimes. He was a one year fluke basically. He became injury prone towards his last few seasons, and he lost his starting job to arguably one of the worst career backup quarterbacks in the league in Blane Gabbert, and Blane freaking sucks. Yet it seems like the media is hyping up Kap to be the second coming of Joe Montana, and making it seem like the only reason he’s not in the NFL anymore is because of his protests, when that’s factually incorrect Cheap Jerseys china.