Guys on the back end are making plays on the ball

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) on Monday extended his state’s shutdown until the night of May 14, but he expressed hope that beginning later this month, nonessential businesses such as hair salons, gyms and restaurants could begin to reopen with significant changes in how they operate. Northam’s earlier order closing most nonessential businesses had been set to expire Friday..

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Cheap Jerseys china That’s really been the formula all year: Stop the run. Make people pass the ball cheap jerseys against us. Guys on the back end are making plays on the ball. As the Baltimore pass defense has tightened against wide receivers (no touchdowns to the position since Week 11, only three since Week 5), tight ends have done better. The Ravens didn’t allow a touchdown to a tight end until Week 7, but have allowed one in every game except one since. The team gave up 10.9 fantasy points a game to the position in that early stretch; that number is 18.2 in the more recent one, with every unit putting up at least 12.8 Cheap Jerseys china.