Peak Performance is a shop in Granby

In April, armed demonstrators passed out „Liberty or Boogaloo” fliers at a statehouse protest inConcord, New Hampshire. A leader of the Three Percenters militia movement who organized a rally inOlympia, Washington, last month encouraged rally participants to wear Hawaiian shirts, according to the Anti Defamation League. On Saturday, a demonstration inRaleigh, North Carolina, promoted by a Facebook group called „Blue Igloo” a derivation of the term led to a police investigation of a confrontation between an armed protester and a couple pushing a stroller..

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8th October 2015Fact: Tom Hanks has reunited a Fordham University student with her lost identity card after finding it in New York City’s Central Park on Tuesday (06Oct15). The movie star appealed to the girl named ‚Lauren’ via Twitter to contact him so he could return the missing ID, and on Wednesday (07Oct15), he had the card delivered to her apartment. An accompanying note read: „Lauren Hold onto this!”..

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He came back so enthusiastic that Shaver himself decided to attend the second AALA meeting last December. „Exposure to what’s going on in different states, with different manufacturers, and with professional trainers, is great for our business,” says Shaver, owner of Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.He brought back a personality assessment tool from AALA that he now uses with all his employees to improve leadership and management at his California dealership. He says he also implemented a recommended idea to sell post warranty service contracts on the service line.

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