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Allman and Marks began doing the trails at the McDonough Nature Preserve with me last September. Marks taught me how to walk faster, Allman how to run past the point where it was comfortable to do so and in conditions that were less than ideal. Both have run hundreds of races and I am grateful they have shared their running knowledge with me.

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In 2019, at least 19 Black transgender women were violently killed, according to the Human Rights Center. Gore, who has been homeless and was stabbed in 2013, says HUD proposal is not one to overlook. Sends a message to people who have ill will toward us that we not protected [and] that our lives hold no value, she says..

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„We are so grateful to be able to support both our core beneficiaries as well as some new worthy causes during these challenging times,” said Paolo Aquilini, President of the Canucks for Kids Fund. „Raising $7.1 million couldn’t come at a better time. It allows us to support children’s charities now, while also giving us the ability to hold back some funds to ensure we can support charities at some level next season as well, particularly with so much uncertainty.

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